Sunday, February 17, 2008

And they lived happily ever after..II

The Princess stood by the pond looking at the frogs.. She had woken with a feeling in her heart.. a feeling she could not shake away.. As she turned, she noticed the beautiful horse.. as she neared it, she sensed he was trying to tell her something.. The princess, brave at heart, noble in mind.. and ofcourse, always ready for adventure, climbed up the horse and he charged westwards.. The Princess clung to him tightly, wondering where he was taking her.. Even as she rode she was still thinking about the frogs and how she was taken in believing in her fairy tales.. She suddenly noticed that she was in a part of the country, she hadn’t visited before. She watched as the horse came to a halt before a huge castle.. “a ruin and a shame”, she decided, wrinkling her nose. Should she go in? oh la.. It was her country after all.. She walked into the castle, calling out. The witch was out, and the lovely princess walked about. She had a feeling of sadness, a heaviness in her heart, she didn’t understand. As she reached a stairwell, she heard the sound. The sound of a wounded soul.. an unintentional gasp of pain.. As she called out, the sound stopped. The Princess walked further down and stopped in her tracks, as she came face to face with a man in so much pain. The wounds on his body looked healed.. but the cry of pain , she heard……
The warrior, stood, unsteady on his feet.. It was the face he had dreamed of.. He knew that.. a damsel , alright.. But he was the one in distress.. The Princess looked at him with deep wisdom. The strong demeanor outside.. The deep hurt inside.. Her heart went out to him.. “Come”, she said, giving her his hand.. This was not correct, the warrior thought.. shaking his head. He wondered if the Princess was real.. He wondered if the princess was trying to save him while he was the warrior.. .. He wondered why he heard bells.. He wondered why the angels were singing.. As he walked, he realised he was out of the castle.. His curses did not bind anymore.. As he stumbled out his hand in hers, the witch saw him.. and his precious Princess.. She ran at them, her hair flying. Dagger drawn.. aiming to kill the princess.. for daring to steal her servant.. The warrior smiled lazily.. He could hardly believe, he had been devoted to her for so long.. He drew his sword and drove it into the witch.. with almost a careless flick of his sword.. He took his princess’ hand and walked to his horse.. They climbed on and the Warrior kissed her gently.. washing away years of pain.. years of hurt, anger.. most of all washing away the crushing emptiness.. the kiss they shared, filled them up with happiness.. completed them.. He had tried to believe the witch was his destined one.. he had lived in agony, trusting that one day she’ll turn into a princess. He had atlast learnt the lesson his lovely princess had learnt sometime earlier.. No amount of love was going to change a witch into a princess nor a frog into a prince..
Did the warrior save the princess? Or Did the Princess save him?
Questions and doubts, didn’t have a place anymore.. He had found his true love.. and she had found hers.. that is what mattered.. after everything said and done..
As the horse rode into the evening sunset, the Princess and her Warrior… looked forward to a new beginning.. to a new life together.. and yes, of course.. as every fairytale ends, they lived happily ever after..

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