Monday, February 15, 2010

The deal with God????

What, is he a communist???? Well.. im nt professing to b an expert in communism here.. but frm wat i und... its spread the wealth and maintain a balanced society , right?

i feel.. god really doesnt care abt wat u want or dont want.. he does wat is necessary to maintain the balance in the universe.. so he doesnt really care abt ur promotion or poking ur eyes if u swear..
So, u lost ur job and got hit by a car on the same day .. ??? no he isnt punishing u.. its to maintain the balance of the universe.. yeah yeah.. the ever expanding one..

imagine having to watch over an anthill .. wud u care if a bunch of ants drowned??? the place is swarming with them anyway.. (Lesson learnt : we have GOT to control our population if we want him to look at us..)

The other popular notion.. looking back at ur life when ur seventy and saying ... i believe everything has worked out well.. this was god's plan for me.. im contented..

Well, darlin.. at seventy .. DO u have any other option other than being contented?????

We WANT to believe there was a plan.. and things will work out for the best.. We dont have any other option...

Cos the truth that we r just one tiny speck in a whole big expanding universe is too harsh for us to accept..

I pity us.. humans i mean... we r conscious and we have the sixth sense.. only to realise.. our existence is just abt equal to a single sense amoeba..

with these cheerful thots.. have a great day and keep smiling :D Ciao :D


For all the grand talk.. i totally believe everything i do chnges the universe a tiny bit.. and i do talk to god abt every damn thing in this world.. whether he cares or nt.. and im going to understnd everything abt this universe when i die

it only goes to prove tht ur head may type a log out.. but ur heart never stops believing.. :)


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