Monday, February 15, 2010

Avatar and Racism???

Some people eat snakes, some people like statistics ... and sme people think avatar (capital A .. since it topped the box office :P) is racist.. well.. these r the people who i call weird.. :P

On a serious note..
If u r a person who thinks the na'vi r black ( i shud have said coloured ???) and the hero is white and he saved the na'vi ... arent YOU the racist???
U r the one who is differentiating these beautiful people based in their colour..

I wud say the Na'vi are superior to humans in the movie.. with the way they r so in sync with their environment... the supposed white hero actually wants to be a Na'vi cos thats the only way he can be free and live a full life... Hw in the world wud this make the movie racist??

One particular comment.. "we r tired of the white guy saving us.. wish we could save ourselves for once.." well.. did u notice that, Jake was lying helpless and Eywa and the hometree and the rest gave him a new life ??
Jake also tried helping them and they won only cos the Pandoran wildlife came to their aid???

The Na'vi are in no way, coloured people represented as weaklings.. they r portrayed as beautiful, amazing living beings.. far superior to humans, if not in technology.. . surely in spirit and heart..

So people.. stop whining.. and consider it the utmost compliment being compared to the Na'vi

Love u pandora.. Love u Na'vi

Cheers to all


NLakshmi said...

yes . I surely agree that they are superior. The facial expressison when she sees the animals and the forest is enough to say that they are far superior than the humans

life is worth living said...

hmmm...:) after all life is different than the movie... isn't it??